Authentic pizza made in wood-fired ovens


pizzas made every day


slices devoured each hour

pizza van LIFE STORY

Born and raised in the food-van industry, bringing great food to any urban location

In a small kitchen with a big dream, our pizza journey began. Fueled by passion, we crafted a menu blending innovation and tradition. From humble beginnings to a bustling pizzeria, our commitment to quality and flavor remains unwavering. Today, each slice tells a story of authenticity, freshness, and the joy of bringing people together over the love of good food. Join us on this delicious adventure—one slice at a time.

Enjoy a pizza slice next to our vans

Savor the delight of a hot, cheesy pizza slice right by our iconic vans! We've transformed the on-the-go experience, bringing the joy of freshly baked pizza to your fingertips. Picture this: our mobile pizzerias, adorned with the aroma of perfectly seasoned crust and bubbling cheese, creating a delicious spectacle. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite or enjoying a leisurely moment, our vans are more than just a meal stop—they're a mobile feast of flavor, delivering a slice of happiness wherever you are. Indulge in the convenience and taste the difference as you relish a piping hot pizza slice beside our vibrant vans.


Have a drink or a bowl of fresh fruit


Meet our chefs

Mike Bellfore


Chef Mike Bellfore: A culinary virtuoso blending innovation with tradition. Known for exquisite flavors and sustainable practices, his dishes tell stories on every plate. A luminary in the culinary world, Chef Bellfore turns meals into extraordinary experiences.

Sarah Markies


Chef Sarah Markies: A culinary visionary crafting flavors with passion and creativity. Trained globally, she blends diverse influences into harmonious plates. Beyond the kitchen, a mentor inspiring culinary voices.

David Smith


Chef David Smith: A culinary maestro known for his precision and innovation. With global training, he elevates every dish into a masterpiece.

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